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  • Women In Art | HuffPost Jun 2, 2017 - Tara Bogart. ARTS & CULTURE. 'A Modern Study Of Hair' Celebrates Women's Connections To Their Locks. By Maddie Crum · Could a platinum bob be a window to the soul? Courtesy of the artist and PPOW New York. ARTS & CULTURE. Today's Artists Are Sick Of History Framing Women As Perfect. By Priscilla Frank.
  • Sète : l’étude capillaire moderne de Tara Bogart,1512890.php
  • A Modern Hair Study, the Book Published by Kehrer Verlag
  • This Photo Series Shows The Ever-Changing Hair Of Millennials -

    As much as we may roll our eyes at the (mostly) negative stereotypes about millennials — we're lazy, we're entitled, we'll never be homeowners — there is one assumption that holds true: We get bored easily. We're programmed to switch things up, and that often includes our hair. Photographer Tara Bogart set out to document our ever-changing locks with her new photo series, "A Modern Hair Study." Inspired by Nadar's 19th-century photograph of a young woman viewed from behind, she began in France in 2011 and continued on to the U.S., taking pictures of women in their 20s. The main difference between Nadar's original and Bogart's recreations? The hairstyles.
  • Zoom magazine "The Future of Portrait"

    This issue is devoted to the subject of the "Portrait" and to new artistic research by 15 contemporary artists. Portfolios published here range from the innovative work of Zhang Wei who plays the faces known to us, such as Audrey Hepburn, born of the fusion of details from hundreds of previously-photographed individuals, to the classic reportage of the well-known Denis Dailleaux from Agence VU. Photographers included: Adriana Duque Alena Zhandarova Braden Summers Denis Dailleux Edith Maybin Eva Stenram Iwajla Klinke Julia Gunther Juul Kraijer Olivier Roller Tara Bogart Thomas Devaux Tim Hailand Wayne Lawrence Zhang Wei
  • Identify Group Exhibtion at Catherine Edelman Gallery February 6 — April 4, 2015

    Concerns about identity have risen to the forefront, as more and more people worry about privacy in the age of the Internet. Additionally, more and more people are constricted by racial and sexual classifications that no longer accommodate an evolving society. Labels such as gay, straight, bi-sexual, transgendered, white, black, African-American, Latino, Hispanic, Asian, tall, short, thin, fat, Jewish, Catholic, Atheist, are used to define us, often found on census forms, marriage licenses and medical records. Our own government issues us social security numbers through which our identity is codified. In today’s age of gender equality, multi-racial families, and increasing security breaches, more and more artists are looking at issues of identity and classification. Identify brings together five artist whose works address these current concerns.
  • Aperture Summer Open

    Opening Reception: Thursday, July 17, 6:00–8:00 p.m. 103 prints. 33 series of photographs. The work of 97 photographers. Selected from 860 submissions by Chris Boot, Aperture’s Executive Director, the Aperture Summer Open reflects the state of photography now. Read about Chris Boot’s selections for the Summer Open on the Aperture blog. Photographers included in the exhibition are: Tanya Ahmed / Nathan Anderson / John Armstrong / Matthew Arnold / Marc Erwin Babej / Zeren Badar / Winona Barton-Ballentine / Anna Beeke / Tara Bogart / Clarissa Bonet / Joan Lobis Brown / Antoine Bruy / Luc Busquin / Michael Butler / Christopher Capozziello / Teresa Christiansen / Juan Cobo / Sebastian Collett / Elizabeth Keegin Colley / Martin Constable / Victoria Crayhon / Francis Crisafio / Ciara Crocker / Brita d’Agostino / Supranav Dash / Frances F. Denny / Matthew Dols / Judith Ebenstein / Melissa Eder / Geoffrey Ellis / Tealia Ellis-Ritter / Gregg Evans / Nicholas Fedak II / Erwan Fichou / Fabrice Fouillet / Jill Frank / Julia Fullerton-Batten / Beth Galton / Jenna Garrett / John Gellings / Claudia Gonzalez / Maury Gortemiller / George Grubb / Jamil Hellu / Anja Hitzenberger / Qiren Hu / Kathryn Hurni / Mahtab Hussain / Florence Iff / Tiina Itkonen / Michael Joseph / Ervin A. Johnson / Ryota Kajita / Siri Kaur / Lindsay Keys / Katrin Koenning / Katrin Korfmann / Natalie Krick / Daniel Kukla / Chris Law / Nataly Levich / Amiko Li / Yijun Liao / Joseph Michael Lopez / David Lykes Keenan / Manjari Sharma / Anna-Maija Mattila-Litvak / David Mitchell / Lydia Panas / Pamela Pecchio / Alexis Pike / Mackenzie Reynolds / Sarah Rhodes / Ricky Adam / Claire Rosen / Nenad Saljic / Anastasia Samoylova / Jo Metson Scott / Chen Shen / Alix Smith / Jan Staller / Ken Stec / Mark Steigleman / Cody Swanson / Hiro Tanaka / Ryan Thayer / Ian Tong / Alex Tsocanos / Jason Vaughn / Sabine Von Breunig / Graeme Williams / David Wolf / Anderson Wrangle / Keith Yahrling / Wenxin Zhang
  • A Selection of "A Modern Hair Study" Aquisitioned by The National Library of France for the permament collection. May 28th 2014
  • CTRL+P at Catherine Edelman Gallery May 2nd - July 3rd

  • A Modern Hair Study

    Solo exhibition at hous projects Nov. 6th - Jan. 4th 31 Howard, New York, NY
  • Exhibition at The Portrait Society Gallery Sept. 28th- Nov.17th